Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All About Jang Nara

* Name : Jang Nara /

Born : March 18th, 1981

* Height : 5.3" /

Weight : 100 lbs /

Blood Type : A

* Family : Grandma, Dad, Mom, Brother

* School : Chungang University

* Hobbies : Cross Stitch, Watching Movies

* Religion : Christian

* Talent : Ocarina, Dance, Flute, Bothering Dad

* NickName : Jang Nan Han Ya?(It means "Are You playing around?"), Tweety

* Favorite Music : HipHop, Ballad, R&B

* Favorite Musician : Park Jin Young, Park Mi Kyung, 1TYM, Faith Evans

* Favorite Color : White, Pink, Sky Blue

* Jinx : Before she performs or goes on a show she has to joke around back stage and her performance will go well.

* Motto : Without embarassment let's live with our best

* Complex : Small Mouth

* Accessories : Likes only simple accessories.

* Management Company :Pure Entertainment

* Born on March 18th, 1981 in Seoul, Korea.
* Appeared in a play, 'Les Miserables', with her dad in her primary school days.
* Acted as a model for some CFs in her highschool days.
* Entered college (the Department of Theater, the Faculty of the Art, Chungang University) on March, 2000.
* Published the first album, titled 'First Story', on May, 2001.
* Started her singer career with the title song, "Burying My Face In Tears".
* The title song was applauded as harmonized native melody line and her native vocal.
* Her pop ballad style song, 'Confession' enjoyed much popularity thanks to the very emotional melody line.
* Appeared in a TV Sitcom, "New Nonstop", with famous Korean young stars such as Park Kyung Lim and Yang Dong Goon.
* MCed a live music ranking TV program, "MBC Music Camp".
* Her another song, "April Story" as well as "Confession" ranked at the top in various Korean music charts.
* Her first album sold far above 300 thousand copies.
* Won the several Best New Singer Prize in 2001 awarded by Korean broadcasting stations and music associations.
* Works for Food for the Hungry International(FHI) and proceeds various benefit charities such as sending powdered milk to the hungry North Korean children.
* Played the leading role in a record-breaking TV drama, "Joyful Girl Success Story", which recorded very high audience rating.

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