Wednesday, April 28, 2010

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but one's voice sometimes has power beyond what one sees. That is why Kim So-eun stands out amongst all the numerous girls that have cheeks as rosy as peaches. Her slightly low tone of voice which is in contrast to her bubbly appearance, discerns her as an actress of good conduct yet one with determination. What stood out more than the dignity cast on her small face or the tears that wet her cheeks was the reverberation and depth of her voice in KBS drama "The Iron Empress" and in "Boys over Flowers", "He Who Can't Marry" and "Good Days when the Wind Blows", her voice once again did not go unnoticed.

That is why somehow, it is pleasant to hear her saying, "I think I become more fond of a song when I fall in love with the singer's voice. I don't look at whether the person who is singing it is important or not". And thanks to staying in touch with music in her everyday life, she is not a mania who seeks for particular music, but has developed an ear to immediately notice familiar voices. "My dad liked to collect LPs so there was always music on in our house. I used to get told off from him because I would throw around the records like boomerangs when I was immature, but I have ended up listening to his favorite songs with him". And like her dad does, Kim listens to music when she needs Solace. She recommended voices that stand out to her in particular.

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