Saturday, July 24, 2010

Announcement photographing description ★Jang Nara Photo

Announcement photographing description
The july 14,15th `which you go away 冰 洁' it went to Parker TV and space announcement photographing.
It photographed in the Chinese southern Guangzhou, but severe heat of 38 degrees made us be flurried from the airport.
Midsummer it is hair Parker announcement of the duck, how. This time [chiyan] [nara] probably is very serious.'With you thought.
But, really photographing starting, as for [chiyan] [nara] just sees the sweat probably will put out having worn hair Parker of the duck
The form which the professional seems was not lost, so is.
Because in the past `冰 洁' with announcement lovely it was image as a 溌 thorn, with the latest announcement
Maturing, producing the form which is refined, from all actual place staffs and others
It received also the eulogy, “after all highest star”.
'冰 洁' As for sinking building peak president “being warmest, the familiar `冰 洁' image
That [totsupusutachiyan] [nara] to the all-inclusive [pe] coming, you expect expresses” assuming that “and, [chiyan] [nara]
E.g., last year the `冰 洁' the Parker 8,000,000,000 won is contributed to the Sichuan Province earthquake damage inhabitants
You think that charm of the brand was raised more with warm beauty, that” it is to speak.


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